What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?


In simple words, AliExpress standard shipping is almost similar like ‘Fulfilled by Amazon‘ OR ‘Flipkart Assured’. In AliExpress standard shipping, A product is packed by the seller but checked and shipped by AliExpress’ Shipping Center.

Which means once you place your order on AliExpress, Seller will send the package to AliExpress’ shipping center then AliExpress will ship your package using their shipping partner.

It is not the cheapest delivery option, sometime its free and sometime you might have to pay extra to use this shipping method but it is a much more secure way to get your products delivered.

How long does AliExpress Standard Shipping take?

As per the AliExpress, Standard delivery time for most packages is 15-45 days. AliExpress also has a premium delivery service. On average these orders are delivered within 7-15 days.

Note: I’ve received almost all product within a month. If you’re from the metro city then delivery time could be less and If you’re from the rural area then delivery time could be longer.

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