Below you will find payment methods which are accepted/not accepted on Aliexpress

  • ESCROW/ALIPAY( Very safe to buyer) The use of an Escrow-based AliPay system to manage payments between sellers and customers definitely help deal with problems that accrue with the order not being as described or non arrival. Payment system, which is very similar to PayPal, which means when you make a payment the money its retained by third party and only released to seller once you confirm you are satisfied with your purchase. The only thing you need to do is OPEN ALIPAY ACCOUNT HERE to be extra protected.
  • CARD – ( Very safe to buyer) Paying by card its very similar to AliPay but in this case your card will be associated with the purchase (unlike AliPay will give your ID number rather than card details) When paying by card, AliExpress with also act as intermediary and hold your payment until you confirm that all is ok with your order.
  • BANK TRANSFER ( Risk to buyer) Before you make a bank transfer ensure that you trust the seller and you are satisfied that the goods you will receive will be as promised as they money will go directly to sellers bank account. This means that if something went wrong you will need to solve the issue directly with the seller and AliExpress would not be able to assist as your payment is not protected.
  • PAYPAL – Not accepted
  • CHEQUES – Not accepted

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