In rare occasions you may not be satisfied with your order, therefore its good to know that your money is already protected and you can dispute if something goes wrong.

  1. Contact the Seller – If your order hasn’t arrived within the promised time, or isn’t as described. Most sellers are happy to quickly resolve any issues.
  2. Open Dispute to Make a Refund –  If you were unable to resolve the problem with the seller, you can submit a refund request by opening dispute requesting a refund, replacement or re-send. Here, you can formally discuss solutions with the seller as AliExpress support team will be able to see all communication if the case is escalated, when your are not able to get good solution from the seller. Make sure you support your claim with evidence like: non working tracking number, tracking info showing that your parcel still didn’t arrive,  photos/videos showing defects, non working goods and anything that will help you proof your right to refund/replacement/re-send. In first stage if the dispute AliExpress will not get involved. It will be up to you to reach an agreement with the seller. 90% disputes get resolved at this stage as most sellers would not want put their reputation at stake or have their seller status downgraded so they will prefer to work things out with you.
  3. Escalate Dispute to AliExpress – If you are not satisfied with the seller’s solutions, you can Escalate Dispute to Aliexpress Support Team, who will check all the evidence provided by you and the seller, and make their decision based on it. In some cases they will ask you to submit more evidence or answer they requests, therefore is good to monitor your dispute process. Aliexpress support team will mediate between you and the seller to resolve the problem.
  4. Leave feedback Exactly the same as on eBay or Amazon but here you can also include pictures of the item you received to assist other buyers. Also, its good to add as many details as possible, especially about sizing as everyone knows thats the most challenging part when ordering from AliExpress

AliExpress and Alibaba are NOT a scams, but there are unethical sellers. So be careful and do some research before buying anything. Always consider testing the products by making a small order before investing any significant amount of money in huge orders. Check the seller feedback and the particular items feedback too

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