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As a Taobao agent, we offer the following services to buy from or other online shopping websites in China:

* Taobao China online shopping and sourcing: Taobao English search help – we help you to find the items on China’s largest online marketplace at the best price;

* buying online from China: we purchase the items from or other China’s based websites and ensure the safety of your online shopping; before your order, you can use our Categories Taobao English version;

* quality check: we do the quality check for all items acquired with our Taobao shopping service; we discuss with the seller if the product does not correspond the description or has any other issues;

* international shipping: we help you to ship the products that you buy from China, independently if you are using our buying or shopping service or not. If you buy from China on your own and want to send parcels with cheap shipping, then we can help you with it. Feel free to contact us. If you already work with a shipping company, you can still use our Taobao buying and shopping service – we will send the parcels directly to your chosen shipping company;

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