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Generally consumer goods in China sell for much lower prices than in your home country because most goods are produced in China and it is such a compeitive market. This is why China is the world’s largest exporter – things are great value for money and everyone wants to buy from China, one way or another.

The most famous and all-encompassing online shopping platform in China is Taobao which sells anything and everything under the sun. The prices are so amazingly low you won’t believe it. Use a Taobao Agent like CNXtrans to buy and ship internationally to you in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Apart from CNXtrans, there are a whole host of other websites that offer great deals for foreign consumers and businesses all around the world.

1688 for example is the local Chinese version of Alibaba, where suppliers are geared towards selling to local distributors, sellers and consumers in China. This means that if you buy in bulk from 1688, you enjoy much lower prices than you would if you buy from AliExpress. 1688 is therefore a great place to satisfy your China sourcing needs.

Other top websites include JD (which is ideal for buying electronics and other goods from China where quality control is a priority), Dangdang (great for books), Meilishuo (ideal for fashion), Mogujie,, Amazon China, Kongfz (great for books) and so on.

Whichever site you wish to buy from, submit your order to CNXtrans via the CNXtrans Buy-For-Me Order Page and CNXtrans will process your order for purchasing and shipping internationally to your address anywhere around the world.

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