Honestly buying from is as safe and as unsafe, as buying from other website. AliExpress works exactly like PayPal and eBay, when paying by AliPay or card the company protects your purchase just incase something goes wrong. Once the purchase its made on AliExpress, they will inform the seller directly to proceed with despatching and sending your order. AliExpress will put a hold on the money until you receive the product and you are full satisfied with your purchase. The money will be released to the seller in two cases:

  • 14 days after you confirmed receipt of your order
  • After the buyer protection runs out, if you didn’t confirmed receipt earlier
    What to do if the buyer protection is running out and you still didn’t received your order? Extend the buyer protection to Aliexpress


  • Ask the seller to extend the protection – giving the parcel more time to arrive. 99% of parcel arrives in time but in very busy periods there may be some delays, and we have to consider these too. Communication with seller and monitoring of the tracking are the most important things
  • Open dispute – giving the seller a chance to explain and provide evidence that the parcel is on its way. Some seller may ignore your messages or just extend the protection without replying so if you worried or not getting the response you want by opening dispute you will “force” them to respond as if they don’t the case will be ruled to your favour after 4 days of opening.

To learn more about Buyer Payment Protection on please refer to AliExpress Buyer Protectiom Help Page 

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