Top 31 China Online Shopping sites & Marketplace like Aliexpress

1. AliExpress is an online retail service made up of small businesses in China and elsewhere offering products to international online buyers. It has products for cheap, which can be made even less expensive through the use of general or merchant-specific coupons.  Plus, AliExpress has buyer protection guarantees that can help you out if things don’t go quite right with your order.

AliExpress is Alibaba’s online marketplace aimed primarily at international buyers. It allows small businesses in China to sell to customers all over the world, and, just like Amazon, you can find just about anything there. It might be more accurate to compare AliExpress to eBay, though, as sellers are independent; it simply serves as a host for other businesses to sell to consumers.

2. DHGate

DHGate is named after the city of Dunhuang in China, which was a key stop on the legendary “Silk Road” trade route between China and nearby territories.  DHGate continues that spirit by offering wholesale prices on over 30 million products from over 1.2 million sellers worldwide.  Do note, however, that some things that you buy from DHGate have to be bought in bulk; you can’t buy just one of them.

3. BangGood

AliExpress alternative – BangGood logo

Dedicated to giving you “the best bang for your buck” when it comes to ordering stuff online, BangGood offers competitive prices and low shipping fees on Chinese-manufactured goods from all shapes and sizes.  Unlike some other direct-from-China retailers, there is never a minimum quantity required for anything that you order on BangGood.  Also, it features several secure payment options, including PayPal. Like DealExtreme, though, it’s a somewhat small outlet, with only about 150,000 product listings.

4. LightInTheBox

AliExpress alternative – LightInTheBox logo

Another China-based online retailer, LightInTheBox has over 1 million items for sale, ranging from clothing to small electronics to furniture to sports equipment and more.  Its items are mainly spread out across its main website and its companion website, MiniInTheBox (more on it later).  Similar to AliExpress, it ships to over 200 countries and regions, accepts most major forms of payment, and uses major international couriers like UPS and FedEx.

5. Tmart

Tmart is an online shopping website to purchase any Chinese products. It ships products to any country with a minimal shipping charge. It is the best alternative to AliExpress. I really like the Tmart. You can also become an affiliate partner of Tmart. Tmart is fraud-free and you can proceed to shop online with Tmart without any hesitation.

6. Gearbest

Gearbest is identical to banggood. It is an electronic web shop. You can find all the electronic products like CCTV Cameras, Digital camera, Smartphones, Smart Routers and much more.sites-like-aliexpress-for-clothing. Even Gearbest has affiliate network. You can share your affiliate link with your followers or friends to get the most money out of it.

7. Lightake is a B2C online store that serves our customers with excellent products. Online shopping from a huge selection of cool gadgets at the best price. We ship items worldwide with  freeshipping   Magic Cubes, LED & lamp; tablet PCs & MID, cell phones , car electronics, flashlights, computer parts and Apple accessories.

8. GeekBuying

Geekbuying is yet another best site like aliexpress. But the only issue is that it is limited to the electronics department. There is no fashion store section this website.websites-like-aliexpress

Coming to the site, you can consider this site as an ocean of electronics. There are tons of electronics products that you can find on this website. If you are a geek and tech enthusiastic person, then this website is for you. Go ahead and shop from this website.

9. Shein

SHEIN is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market. So whether you’re searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, SHEIN is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista. SHEIN now ships to over 80 countries worldwide. With websites supporting the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East, SHEIN ships from one of its many globally positioned warehouses. SHEIN continues to thrive due in part to the company’s values in controlling the excellence of in-house production. SHEIN aims to provide the highest value trendy pieces while also being dedicated to quality, value and service.

10. Tinydeal is a global China wholesale / retail online shop which offer high quality products like android smartphone phones, tablet pcs, car accessories, Apple & Samsung accessories, fashion clothing and more. TinyDeal help customers to shop cheap electronic gadgets with confidence.As a famous China electronics supplier, TinyDeal hosts over 80000+ products in a wide range of categories with free shipping, shop now to find the favorite deals for you and your family. Whether you want to find daily necessity electronic products or memorable fashion gifts, you can buy them at TinyDeal with discount price.

11. DinoDirect

DinoDirect is another direct-to-consumer marketplace for people wanting to buy goods at wholesale prices from small and medium-sized retailers in China.  Its major claim to fame is its commitment to keeping shipping costs low, which is a common pitfall of ordering items all the way from China.  Over 300,000 items on DinoDirect can be shipped almost anywhere in the world with no shipping charges.

12. MiniInTheBox

AliExpress alternative – MiniInTheBox logo

As we noted above, MiniInTheBox is an offshoot of Chinese online wholesale retailer LightInTheBox.  As its name implies, MiniInTheBox deals more with small-sized electronic items, such as computer accessories, cell phone accessories, other electronic accessories, jewelry, and lighting.  Its services are similar to those of LightInTheBox, with factory-direct prices, fast shipping with local warehouses in Europe and North America, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on most items.

13. DealExtreme

AliExpress alternative – DealExtreme logo

Similar to MiniInTheBox, DealExtreme features direct-to-consumer prices on all kinds of Chinese-manufactured electronics (though it does have clothing, toys, and accessories, too).  Like DinoDirect, it ships most of its items anywhere on Earth with no shipping charges.  However, it has a considerably smaller inventory, with only about 400 suppliers and 300,000 total items.

14. DealsMachine

AliExpress alternative – DealsMachine logo

DealsMachine is a Chinese direct-to-consumer online marketplace specializing in electronics, similar to MiniInTheBox and DealExtreme.  However, it compensates for its small inventory (only about 100,000 items) with a few neat features.  Like BangGood, DealsMachine has no minimum purchase requirement; you can by as many or as few of an item as you like.  It doesn’t charge sales tax, thoroughly inspects its items for quality, and has secure payment options and fast shipping times.  Its shipping costs are a bit pricier than other websites like it, though.

15. FocalPrice

AliExpress alternative – FocalPrice logo

Another Chinese website getting in on the direct-to-consumer market, FocalPrice is rather small, offering only about 70,000 items.  It specializes in electronics and associated accessories, but also features jewelry, health products, home furnishings and decor, and sports equipment.  It offers free standard shipping for all of its products (though shipping times are a little long), as well as a 3-month guarantee on everything that’s sold through the website.

16. TomTop

AliExpress alternative – TomTop logo

The “top” part of TomTop is certainly well-earned; this wholesale supplier is one of the best-reviewed AliExpress alternatives on this list.  Even the Alibaba Group, the parent company of AliExpress, recommends them.  They have plenty of promotions to save you money, and they have a reputation for delivering orders exactly how they’re supposed to be.  The one common complaint is the slow shipping times.

17. EverBuying

AliExpress alternative – EverBuying logo

Another AliExpress alternative, EverBuying is a Chinese wholesaler portal specializing in fashion and technology.  Created in 2006, it serves over 200 countries and regions around the world and features over 250,000 product lines, including those for novelty items like costume accessories.  It also has fast and affordable shipping options.

18. Milanoo

It is my favorite online shopping website. It is a dedicated fashion store. You find all the clothing and materials on this website. It is in competition to the clothing store of AliExpress.wholesale-sites-like-aliexpress

It has quick delivery feature. And there is no hidden cost for shipping. The only payment method is PayPal. And the order will be shipped within 24 hours of making payment.

19. NewFrog

NewFrog is also a great website which competes with AliExpress. You can find all the products here including Electronics, Clothing, Gardening and other accessories.stores-likes-aliexpress. The sad part here is that there is no fast delivery option here. But this the best website like aliexpress.

20. DX Soul

DX Soul is more akin to BriskSale Wholesale and AliExpress than DealsMachine. It has a wide array of categories like Aliexpress and has a similar look and feel as well.

I think the one major difference between DX Soul and Aliexpress here is that DX Soul has lots of special offers and coupons that Aliexpress does not. When comparing prices, I saw that (at least in the electronics category) DX Soul is very competitive with Aliexpress, so if you are able to take advantage of DX Soul’s promotions and coupons, you may be able to walk out with a better deal in the end and save some money. DX Soul also offers free shipping on many items like BriskSale Wholesale, which is nice when receiving wholesale products from China.

21. Eachbuyer

Eachbuyer is more of the standard fare like DX Soul and Aliexpress, its website is passable and it offers many of the same sorts of items available on similar Chinese wholesale sites. Some of these websites look so similar that when I had them all open to write this post, I had a hard time telling them apart, as you’ll see when I do my intro to EverBuying below.

The one cool feature setting Eachbuyer apart from the crowd is that it actually seems to have warehouses in every territory it ships from. This could ensure that shipping is faster, and it makes sense, but the overhead costs of having these factories could drive prices up.  The difference between this sales tactic and how marketplaces like BriskSale Wholesale and Aliexpress operate is that while these products are sitting in warehouses, BriskSale Wholesale’s products are made to order, which can help lower costs and give options like customization. In the end you have to decide which of these are right for your business.

22. ChinaBuye

At first glance ChinaBuye performs many of the same functions as other places, and their site looks fairly generic, but there are some features I really like about this site that I haven’t seen on others. First of all, they have a whole category on their site dedicated to items that are under $1.99 a piece, which is really cool. There are times when I am in a slump or having a rough week where I just want to buy myself something cheap and stupid, and that part of the site is great for that.

Another great aspect of ChinaBuye is that their prices are very comparable to those you’d find on Aliexpress. Their selection isn’t quite as wide, missing a lot outside of the electronics category, but they have a lot of cool gadgets at rock bottom prices that are worth checking out.  Overall ChinaBuye is an excellent alternative.

23. CN Direct

CN Direct has a little bit of everything going for it, much like EachBuyer or DX Soul. Its selection leans more heavily towards clothes than gadgets, but there’s still a healthy selection of gadgets, homeware, and all the other miscellaneous items that these wholesalers are known for.

Having said this, to stand out from the crowd in the wholesale business, the most successful company will be the one that can find a way to differentiate itself and offer the lowest prices. CN Direct does neither of these, offering nothing that really sets it apart from any of the companies on this list, while at the same time having prices that are higher than most of the competition. As it stands, CN Direct is a pretty mediocre wholesale site that I wouldn’t recommend using over some of the other options on this list.

24. TVC Mall

Out of all the sites I’ve reviewed up to this point, I was most pleasantly surprised with the overall look of TVC Mall’s landing page. Their scrolling bar of suggested items seems to have the most thought put into it, as instead of just the random assortment of items and Valentine’s Day featured items that most of these websites used this space for, TVC Mall includes an “into the spring” section. While this isn’t the biggest of deals, it at least signals that TVC Mall is a well maintained site, which is more that one can say for the UI of some Chinese wholesale websites.

Looking at their selection of items, it’s the usual fare. Gadgets, cell phone accessories, homeware, and other similar items. Conspicuously missing here, however, is clothing, which most of these websites usually stock. This lack of clothing, though, may be offset by a particularly large selection of cell phone accessories.  Over half of the categories on the front page are for the accessories of various manufacturers. So as far as selection goes, if you’re looking for clothes, shop elsewhere, but if you’re looking for specific small electronics, this is the place.

25. BossGoo

BossGoo seems to be going under some kind of web maintenance problems right now. When I visited the site many images failed to load properly, creating a page with a lot of broken images and bare hyperlinks. Upon opening it several times I was finally able to get it to open correctly, but it took several attempts. The site problems take a lot away from the shopping experience, and I’m inclined to believe the problem is theirs and not mine, since all the other websites I visited for this review loaded perfectly every time. From what I can understand, BossGoo allows users to shop by category (and all of the usual ones are present here) or by Region, which seems to be limited to various provinces in China at the moment. If you’re looking for products from a particular region of China for some reason, BossGoo is probably your best bet.

26. BriskSale Wholesale

BriskSale Wholesale operates in the fee-free BriskSale Marketplace, where sellers pay no fees to do business. BriskSale Wholesale is a new way of doing wholesale, putting you a step closer to the manufacturer while still providing great customer service from right here in America. BriskSale’s main site is slick and modern, as to be expected from a startup.

Their selection is ever growing and has grown considerably since the last time I looked at their site. They have a wide range of customizable items and other sorts of gadgets that wholesalers tend to offer. Emailing to contact them directly can earn you access to items that aren’t listed online, or price matching with any other wholesale vendor.  BriskSale not only guarantees to match prices, but they’ll beat any price you give them by at least 10%.  They even promise to respond to inquiries with a quote in less than 24 hours.  BriskSale is new, but they are clearly committed to break into the wholesale market.

27. Everything Buying

Commonly known as the China Wholesale Department, Everything Buying is popular for the diverse variety of electronic items. Being the best seller in the multiple electronic items the website provides high-quality product at least prices. Just like AliExpress, It is a leading China Wholesale shopping portal that specializes in the gadgets, cell phones, computers and fashion related items. The online store also covers home-beauty category along with clothing and sports.

To bring an ease to customers, the website offers free international airmail shipping besides numerous express shipping offers. The company also claims to have more than 250000 products at the website.

28. Tiny deal

It is a global online China retail and wholesale online shop to offer an expanded range of products. The categories included are fashion clothing, latest gadgets, Apple and Samsung accessories, car accessories and much more. Tiny deal is a famous online China electronics provider that displays more than 80,000 products on the website. With the free shipping offer, buyers can shop a lot of things online.

29. Sammydress

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier of the latest in Womens Clothing, Men and Women’s Shoes, Bags and Accessories, Casual Dresses, Accessories, Fashion Jewelry, Intimate Lingerie, Wigs, Men’s Clothing, Children’s Toys, Home & Living, Lifestyle Products and many more fantastic items and gift ideas. Our commitment is to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at stunning factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to our worldwide community of customers.

30. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through,, and other websites, which are available in multiple major languages.

LightInTheBox offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden.

31. PandaHall

PandaHall is the best dropshipping wholesaler for jewelry and beads. With excellent discounts and a vast range of products, It’s not hard to see how PandaHall keeps its thousands of customers happy.

When perusing through the 30,000 products listed on the platform, be sure to stick to jewelry and beads. The quality of the electronic gadgets on offer seems to be of lower quality.

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